Avid succulent collector. Wanderlust-stricken traveler. Personal trainer. Science nerd. Anomaly.


Thanks for joining me at Curious Chameleon. My name is Alicia and I hope you’ll stay and explore. I am an Iowa girl with an need to see the world and an insatiable desire to learn. A passionate non-profit professional and informal science educator, I also hold fitness and nutrition close to my heart. I currently work as a personal trainer and wellness coach for the YMCA. I enjoy helping others realize their potential and assisting people in living the best possible version of their life.

This blog is about being exactly who you are and embracing the change that is life. My many passions and hobbies have taken me down numerous paths, and the ride hasn’t exactly been a smooth one. However bumpy the path may be, change is a constant. Thus, it’s good to be a chameleon that can change over and over, while always remaining beautifully itself.

Whatever your reason for visiting Curious Chameleon, I hope you find exactly what you need.

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