Chameleon Comeback

dream lake

Hello blogosphere! It’s been a while. There have been some major changes in my life since the last time I wrote to you all and I’m here to lay it all out. Last time we met, I was updating you on some of my favorite snacks for making healthy eating on the run a reality. I was also updating you on my ActivTrax challenge periodically and using that workout plan instead of my normal routine. Unfortunately, I never posted a week 4 update with ActivTrax to wrap up the experience. Here are my thoughts:

I did the challenge, but I didn’t see the results I wanted. A month can make a huge difference in reaching your goals, or it can be somewhat disappointing, as was the case with my month. I will say though that I am happy I tried ActivTrax. Now when I work with clients or people at the YMCA who are wanting to start a workout routine but aren’t sure what to do, I can honestly tell them if I think this system would be a good fit for them.

Who is ActivTrax right for? A lot of people. It offers a comprehensive workout routine that allows you to track all your activity and food in one place. The system helps people who are new to resistance training by telling them EXACTLY what to do (how many reps, how many sets, how many different exercises, etc.). It also has videos of every exercise in their library to help newcomers figure out what the heck it means when it tells them to do a stability ball crunch with legs elevated.

Experienced exerciser like myself? ActivTrax can be right for you too! The system pushes you to lift differently than you might normally. I had gotten set on a program I really liked, so I performed the same workouts on a weekly basis. The ActivTrax system brought exercises into my routines that I wouldn’t normally do, and it encouraged me to lift different weights than I normally would.

Who is ActivTrax not right for? Apparently me. I didn’t reach any of my goals, or even progress toward them. In fact, I gained a pound on this program. No Bueno. I felt that this program didn’t push me enough and often left feeling like I wanted a more intense workout. Also, I use MyFitnessPal to track my nutrition and am pretty loyal to this app. I have had the app since freshman year of college, was previously successful at losing weight with this app, and have all my favorite foods and homemade dishes saved in here.

All-in-all, I feel like ActivTrax is a wonderful option for many people and encourage YMCA members to use the program. However, I am excited to get back to my own routines (more to come about my next routine in the near future).

What else has happened in my life since the ActivTrax challenge and May? Lots! I moved to Vail, Colorado, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. When I got to Vail it was getting to be summer in Iowa, think 70s and 80s, but was still winter in Vail, 50s and snowing some nights up in the mountains. Colorado has been a great adventure, a lovely place, and a nice summer getaway. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I will be leaving Colorado in a few days and will be coming back to Iowa.

Which brings up more big news: I am switching my focus to health and wellness full-time, instead of being half invested in health and wellness and half invested in science education. I will always love science, astronomy, and generally being nerdy with my science buddies, but I am wonderfully excited to pursue health and fitness as a career path. I love working with my clients at the YMCA, helping people live healthy lives, and constantly learning and becoming a better fitness professional.


Stay tuned for more changes to come, more updates, and more new blog posts. I’m happy to be back here with you all and hope you will continue reading and living this journey with me!


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