Week 3 Update

As you guys noticed in my last post, week two flew by. Well, week three flew by pretty quickly as well. I gained another pound this past week, which tells me something is off. Even with working out almost every day and calorie restriction, I have been gaining weight. This tells me that something in this equation is not working for my body. For those of you who have been following the 30-day challenge, you might remember the second week I switched to a lower calorie limit. I found myself hungrier more often, feeling as if I didn’t have as much energy, and not feeling as motivated at this lower limit. Due to these reactions and the weight gain, I have decided to try the final week of the challenge back at the higher calorie limit. The higher limit is what ActivTrax calculates for me with a goal of losing a pound a week, instead of and pound and a half (which was the plan I was on for week two and three).

Additionally, when I started the challenge I set the time of my resistance training routines for 25-35 minutes. I was finding that these plans the system was generating were not long enough or intense enough for me. Since I was already at an advanced setting, to increase intensity I needed to increase the allowed time for my workout. I changed to 35-45 minutes and have found my workouts to be more challenging and fulfilling. I will be leaving the workout times the same for the final week.

One thing that I find hard to remember but am constantly reminded of is that no plan is one size fits all. We are all very different in our metabolisms, body styles, bone structures, genetics, hormones, lifestyles, tastes, etc. Thinking one person’s methods are going to work for you is usually not the case. It is great to get ideas from others and try a lot of different things, but ultimately you have to find the routine that fits your needs and your body to see the results you want. While I’m discouraged about my weight gain, I will not let it ruin me. I will take this final week to tweak my plan and hopefully see better results. What if that doesn’t work? I will keep trying. Something has to work to help me achieve my specific goals, but I have to find that specific formula and so do you. Don’t get discouraged if one method doesn’t work. Keep trying, stay positive, and be kind to yourself. Being happy and enjoying life is the overall end goal, so don’t let the little things rip you apart. I’ve learned a lot of great things about the ActivTrax system through this challenge and am happy I tried it, no matter the outcome at the end of week four (although I do hope it is a better week results wise).


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