Motivation, Just Get It



Let’s talk about the ever-fleeting motivation issue. Even as I write this post, I don’t really want to. I’d rather be watching Netflix, talking to the sorority girls, taking a nap, eating food, playing with a kitten, etc. etc. etc. As you can see, motivation can be a bit of a stumbling block for me. Usually my personal goals and love of fitness are enough to motivate me, but like anyone else I need an extra push sometimes.

the right track.jpg

This week was one of those weeks. I completed all of my strength routines but only did cardio two times (not including walks). My nutrition wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t stellar either. Last week was definitely a better week all-around, but this one wasn’t a total loss. Still, weeks like this definitely are draining because you don’t feel like you’ve given your all and may be hard on yourself.

motivation 2

So how do I stay motivated? Usually I just have to push myself to get to the gym. Say it with me: “Self, you will feel so much better after you go to the gym”. If that doesn’t work, my main motivation is thinking of why I started my health and fitness journey. As with many families these days, mine carries genes for a few life-altering conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. In college, I was disgusted with the way I looked and worried about future health problems I might develop if I didn’t start taking care of myself. I lived with 17 other women in college, hello sorority life, and was the one always known for cooking healthy food in the kitchen while others awaited the food delivery guys. This was the time where I really got interested in making healthy food taste good, and making good tasting recipes healthier. I also started going to the gym on a regular basis, and learned that a free gym membership is a beautiful thing. Because of the stress and anxiety of classes, I became interested in yoga. I took classes on campus twice a week, joined the yoga club, eventually became the president of the yoga club, and obtained my level one yoga teaching certification through YogaFit. I tried rock climbing and Zumba, and found a love for both of those types of fitness as well. College was the time that I started becoming myself and was a pivotal change in my life. These days when I feel unmotivated, I just think back to all the hard work I have put into this lifestyle, my health concerns and goals starting out, and all the goals I still want to accomplish.who i will become

Finally, I look to role models to help me stay on track. I follow positive influences on Facebook and Instagram. These women are strong, healthy, and fit. They embody what I want to be and they exude power in all their posts. When I am having a bad day, I know I can quickly turn to these social media outlets for a healthy dose of reality and motivation. I also have friends and family that either follow my fitness journey, or me theirs. They are the real life connection that keeps me going and reminds me why I started. What are your motivators? How do you keep yourself going when you’re feeling a bit sluggish? We all have those days, but the power and growth comes in pushing through them to the person we want to become.


One thought on “Motivation, Just Get It

  1. trimwithjenn says:

    There are days that I don’t want to exercise too but I find that when I push myself and do what I don’t want to do… I get stronger. Keep pushing yourself through the hard times. It’s all a mental game anyways!


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