Stories without endings

For a few years now, I have played with the idea of starting a  blog. Who would read it? Would anyone care? And if not, why put in all the work and effort? I love the bloggers I follow, but surely I couldn’t become as popular as them, right?

Well folks, the time has come to stop wondering “what if”, worrying, or doubting. I took the initiative at work to pitch an idea that required a blog, and thus the endeavor birthed the Curious Chameleon blog. While I am starting this blog to talk about activetrax, which you will learn about later on, I will also be posting lifestyle pieces, recipes, fitness, and all sorts of other topics that speak to me personally. Please feel free to comment and connect with me. Let me know what is helpful, what you’d like to see more of, and just that you’re out there and we’re in this together.

This is just the beginning. The adventure is in seeing where the journey leads.


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