ActivTrax Challenge

Those of you joining me from the YMCA crowd may have heard of ActivTrax before. Those of you who are not YMCA members, I’m sorry for your loss. (Just kidding, kind of.) One of the great free perks of being a YMCA member is the ability to use the ActivTrax system to help you add variety to your workout, stay on track, and learn new exercises you might have never learned otherwise.


So what is ActivTrax? It is a web-based system that creates strength training workouts based on your goals, experience level, personal variables (think age, weight, height, etc.), and a strength test administered when you sign up for an account. This system can be used to track your resistance training, cardiovascular workouts, and nutrition all in one place. You can log into the system on a computer or kiosk at one of the Des Moines YMCA branches, from a computer, or even from your smartphone which makes it easy to access wherever you are.


What is the challenge? I have decided to follow ActivTrax for 30 days and blog about my experience. You will get my honest opinion on the system and the workouts, information about where I started and where I end up progress-wise, progress pictures, and other fun facts and opinions from yours truly. Through this process, I hope I can help my members understand the system better, be more excited to use/enroll in the system, and empower them to make the system work for them.

Fear not my non-YMCA/non-ActivTrax users, this challenge should also provide you with tools you can utilize in your own health and fitness journey and a place to come when you need someone who just “gets it”. I will be posting recipes and information about exercises that can be utilized by anyone and everyone. Let me know as we go if there are things you are wanting to see more of and questions that I can help you answer.


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